The practice of thinking with a long-time perspective not only requires character, but it also develops character in the person who does it.
Character is always the result of practicing self-discipline. Developing the habit of taking the long view in decisions concerning health, wealth, relationships and reputations requires self-discipline at a high level.

Character comes from thinking continually of living with each of your decisions for the long term. Economists and sociologists generally agree that the primary reason for economic failure and underachievement is the inability to delay gratification. This is the tendency to spend everything you make, and a little bit more, with little thought for the future. It is a lack of time perspective with regard to money. It virtually guarantees that you will have financial problems throughout your life, and end up unable to retire when you reach the age of 65.

Decide today to plan and act for the long term. Practice short term pain for long-term gain. Be willing to pay the price of success in advance, in terms of hard work, sacrifice and delayed gratification. Be prepared to sow before you reap, and often you will have to sow for a long time before you can bring in the harvest. Nowhere is this truer than in financial matters. Nowhere is this truer than in LGG

ACT NOW. The list is growing. Don’t be left at the bottom.